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Freewheel Conversations: Wrap-Up

Jun 16, 2014

It’s the Monday after a tiring but rewarding week for hundreds of bicyclists who participated in this year’s OK Freewheel journey across Oklahoma.  The final leg of the week-long adventure began Saturday in Tonkawa and ended in Caldwell, Kansas.

Our special correspondent during the past week, Vicki Ehlers, is back home in Stillwater after pedaling hundreds of miles last week from near the Red River to the Oklahoma/Kansas border as a first-time participant of Freewheel.  She joined KOSU’s Paula Brown after crossing the finish line.

Freewheel Conversations: Day 5

Jun 13, 2014

Stillwater commuters are sharing the road today with participants of OK Freewheel as they spin their way west and north out of town en route to Tonkawa.  It’s the next-to-the-last leg of the weeklong road adventure that started out last weekend near the Texas Border.  Last night, our special correspondent, Vicki Ehlers,visited with our own Paula Brown at the end of a 71-mile ride from McCloud to Stillwater.

Freewheel Conversations: Day 4

Jun 12, 2014

  Participants of OK Freewheel are on the downhill side of their week-long journey across Oklahoma.  Today, cyclists are participating in a 71-mile roadway adventure from McCloud to Stillwater.  KOSU’s Paula Brown caught up with our special correspondent, Stillwater resident Vicki Ehlers, to talk about yesterday’s journey from Pauls Valley to McCloud and to preview her brief stop back home.

Freewheel Conversations: Day 3

Jun 11, 2014

Hundreds of bicyclists are back on the road this morning as part of OK Freewheel’s annual statewide tour of Oklahoma, including our special correspondent, Vicki Ehlers.  Yesterday, Vicki completed Day 3, from  Tishomingo to Pauls Valley in south-central Oklahoma.  KOSU’s Paula Brown checked in with Vicki after the end of another long but rewarding day on the road.

Freewheel Conversations: Day 2

Jun 10, 2014
Tishomingo Chamber of Commerce

Our week-long bicycle journey across Oklahoma continues this morning as part of the OK Freewheel annual statewide ride.

Special correspondent and Stillwater resident Vicki Ehlers is a first-time Freewheel participant.  Yesterday she joined hundreds of others in pedaling 69 miles as part of the second leg of the journey from Marrietta to Tishomingo.

KOSU’s Paula Brown visited with Ehlers at the end of day 2 for an update from the road.

Freewheel Conversations: Day 1

Jun 9, 2014

The OK Freewheel bicycle tour across Oklahoma is underway, as hundreds of riders pedal their way from south to north. Beginning today and continuing all week long, we’ll be checking in with our special correspondent, Vicki Ehlers, as she shares her observations from the road as a first-time participant.

The first leg of the journey was yesterday -- a 79-mile ride from Comanche to Marrietta in southern Oklahoma -- and that’s where Ehlers took a breather to visit with KOSU’s Paula Brown about her experience so far.

Sam Howzit (aloha75) / Flickr

This week on JenX, we introduce a new Jen - Jennifer Martin.  For her first contribution to the series, she reflects on the ways her life is about to change as her husband retires from the military.

Dorshak Bloch / Literati Press

An Oklahoma City publisher has released the debut graphic novella from a local artist and designer. 

KOSU’s Nikole Robinson Carroll reports The Story of Ivan A. Alexander is the first of a trio of graphic novellas set to release through Literati Press Comics & Novels by Dorshak Bloch. 

More at bombsawayart.com.

JenX: From STEM to STEAM

May 27, 2014
AlanCleaver / Flickr

The academic year is over for schools across Oklahoma this month. This week on JenX, Jennifer James reflects on our state's curriculum versus a mother's wishes for her children's education. 

You can follow Jennifer's blog at jenx67.com.

Quinton Chandler

For the final part of our ghost town series we resurrect the history behind not one but dozens of settlements spread throughout the state. The all black towns of Oklahoma. KOSU’s Quinton Chandler reports most of these towns were small unorganized rural communities that  are almost all dead and gone. But there are a few left to give us a hazy picture of the past.