Malory Craft's Top 11 Feel Good Songs of 2016

Dec 29, 2016

Whew. This year has been a year. Seems like it's been tough for some, if not all of us. One bright spot is there has been some great pop music released, so I felt like putting together a list of songs that just make me feel good. Because sometimes good music can be a great remedy for a bad day. (Or year).

In no particular order:

Lizzo - "Good as Hell"

NPR first spoke with performance artist Taylor Mac this September, during rehearsals for a marathon physical and artistic feat: a 24-hour-long show covering the history of American popular music from 1776 to the present. Mac performed the full show, A 24-Decade History of Popular Music, on Oct. 8, and it was a huge success. All 700 tickets sold out — and most people stayed awake the whole time.

We had some memorable conversations with a lot of our favorite musicians in 2016.

Rob Vera's Top 15 Albums of 2016

Dec 28, 2016

Turn of the Century host Rob Vera shares his 15 favorite albums of 2016:

15. Thee Oh Sees - A Weird Exits

Frantic and psychedelic rock talent with few peers deliver another album full of pace and passion.

14. Solange - A Seat At the Table

December is the time of year when music critics go back through all the albums of the past 12 months and rank them. This year, there's one artist who appears on nearly everyone's list, but isn't around to hear the praise.

George Michael: A Father Figure For Political Pop

Dec 27, 2016