Proponents of self-driving cars say they'll make the world safer, but autonomous vehicles need to predict what bicyclists are going to do. Now researchers say part of the answer is to have bikes feed information to cars.

A few years ago on Google's campus, Nathaniel Fairfield arranged an unusual lunch break.

He asked a bunch of staff to hop on bikes and ride around and around a self-driving car to collect data. "It was kind of gorgeous," he says.

Oklahoma City’s bike sharing program, Spokies OKC announces new upgrades to its bicycle sharing experience.

Program Manager Jeanne Smith says cyclists in last week’s Full Moon Bike Ride at the Myriad Gardens got a chance to view the new bicycles.

"The new bikes are more durable than the previous bikes. They also have GPS, so that we can locate the bikes."

The $304,000 in upgrades include new bike seats which are easier to adjust, front and rear hand brakes, and splash guards for a cleaner ride.

Almost every weekend, there’s a race going on in New York City, one you’ll probably never hear about. They take place in streets choked with traffic and honking cabs. These races require pit-stops at about a half dozen points before you reach the finish line. Speed and dexterity matter, but it helps to be a human GPS unit.

The races are sponsored by big companies like Puma, and Cinelli, the Italian bike manufacturer. But they’re not exactly legal.

Growing up in India, I learned to ride a bicycle on my dad's 22-inch bike with no training wheels. I was 8 years old. I couldn't get on the bike without a boost from my father or an older kid. And once I was in the seat, my feet didn't touch the ground. I could get off only if I stopped next to a raised platform, a step or something I could rest my foot on.

Pien Huang

I went to the docks in the very center of Amsterdam with, basically, one thought in my mind: This is going to be freaking awesome.

I mean, c'mon. It's bikes and fishing. For an Oregon boy, it doesn't get any better than that.

But then, it did.

I saw the claw.

It's like they plucked it straight from "Toy Story 3" and moved it to Amsterdam. It's a huge hydraulic claw, connected to a crane that sits on the front of the barge.

Headlines for Monday, February 2, 2015:

  • The 2015 legislature kicks off today (Journal Record)

  • The Department of Human Services is closing emergency shelters for abused and neglected children. (Tulsa World)

  • Classes are resuming today at Midwest City Elementary. (News9)

Headlines for Wednesday, January 14th, 2015:

  • Norman residents approve a water rate hike. (NewsOK)

  • Options for new destinations are increasing at Tulsa International Airport. (Journal Record)

  • School officials in Minco are closing the district for the rest of the week. (Chickasha Express Star)

Freewheel Conversations: Wrap-Up

Jun 16, 2014

It’s the Monday after a tiring but rewarding week for hundreds of bicyclists who participated in this year’s OK Freewheel journey across Oklahoma.  The final leg of the week-long adventure began Saturday in Tonkawa and ended in Caldwell, Kansas.

Our special correspondent during the past week, Vicki Ehlers, is back home in Stillwater after pedaling hundreds of miles last week from near the Red River to the Oklahoma/Kansas border as a first-time participant of Freewheel.  She joined KOSU’s Paula Brown after crossing the finish line.

Freewheel Conversations: Day 5

Jun 13, 2014

Stillwater commuters are sharing the road today with participants of OK Freewheel as they spin their way west and north out of town en route to Tonkawa.  It’s the next-to-the-last leg of the weeklong road adventure that started out last weekend near the Texas Border.  Last night, our special correspondent, Vicki Ehlers,visited with our own Paula Brown at the end of a 71-mile ride from McCloud to Stillwater.

Freewheel Conversations: Day 4

Jun 12, 2014

  Participants of OK Freewheel are on the downhill side of their week-long journey across Oklahoma.  Today, cyclists are participating in a 71-mile roadway adventure from McCloud to Stillwater.  KOSU’s Paula Brown caught up with our special correspondent, Stillwater resident Vicki Ehlers, to talk about yesterday’s journey from Pauls Valley to McCloud and to preview her brief stop back home.