StateImpact: After Earthquakes, Oklahomans Call for Accountability, Oil and Gas Regulation

Jun 27, 2014

A seismic hazard map of Oklahoma
Credit U.S. Geological Survey /

  Oklahoma has been rattled by a surge of earthquakes, which many scientists say is likely linked to oil and gas drilling. On Thursday night, residents packed a contentious town hall meeting to demand answers from public officials. Joe Wertz from StateImpact Oklahoma reports.

There was booing and shouts for regulators to impose a moratorium on the oil and gas disposal wells. Local resident Ester D. Blaine said she had to take all the pictures off her walls. She says citizens and scientists don’t stand a chance against Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry.

"Keep shelling out that money. What can be done?" Blaine asked.  "Call your legislator just as they said. What is that gonna do?"

This year, Oklahoma has had more earthquakes than California. In May, the U.S. Geological Survey warned that Oklahoma’s chances for a 5.5-magnitude or greater quake had grown significantly.