Hofmeister: Oklahoma School Accountability Won't Be Affected By New Federal Guidelines

Mar 13, 2017

Under a new federal education law, all states are required to come up with plans for keeping their schools accountable. However, last week, U.S. Senators voted to roll back some of the rules within that law.

Now, the U.S. Department of Education will no longer tell states how to judge school quality, or how to identify low achieving schools, among other things.

State education officials and other stakeholders are currently working on Oklahoma’s accountability plan. State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister says these new, looser regulations will not change it.

"That work is something that represents what we in Oklahoma want. And it is not impacted by these particular regulations that are being brought out today."

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister
Credit ok.gov/sde/superintendent

Hofmeister says the new framework for Oklahoma's A- F School report card—which is part of Oklahoma's state plan—will not be affected either. And, that is currently winding it’s way through the state legislature.