Todd Lamb

The 2014 Election
7:40 am
Wed October 1, 2014

The Race for Lieutenant Governor

Cathy Cummings (left) and Todd Lamb (right)

This November, Oklahomans are deciding on the second in command for the executive branch of state government.

The Lieutenant Governor presides over the Senate when needed, but for the most part the position is designed to promote the state of Oklahoma.

KOSU’s Michael Cross reports neither candidate for Lieutenant Governor faced a primary opponent, so both are looking ahead to the general election.

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7:28 pm
Fri December 18, 2009

Oklahoma Abortion Law 'Invasive,' Critics Say

In Oklahoma, a new law requires any woman seeking an abortion to first answer dozens of personal questions, including why she wants the procedure. That information, names omitted, would eventually be posted on a state Web site.

Those who support the measure say it will help them better understand why women are seeking abortions. Abortion rights advocates call the law intimidating and invasive, and this week, they are challenging it in court. Legal experts say the law is another test of how far states can go to regulate abortion.

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