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Former Tulsa band Ok Sweetheart has a song ("We've Got Love") featured in a new commercial for the jewelry chain store Zales . https://youtu.be/zvuyrcc_U04 The song is featured on the band's 2011 album, Home .

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This is Sample Size , our weekly new music feature with KOSU's Ryan LaCroix and LOOKatOKC pop music columnist Matt Carney. Today, we play exciting pop music from Skylar Spence , new music from Oklahoma City rapper LTZ , and intoxicating country rock from Mount Moriah . Follow Matt & Ryan on Twitter at @OKmattcarney and @KOSUryan .

Every month, NPR Music asks public radio personalities around this country to name a new favorite song and, this month, KOSU featured Oklahoma City band Tallows . Tallows' aptly titled second album, Waist Deep, is full of water wordplay, with phrases like "drowning in excuses" and "wash it all clean" weaving through the lyrics. Continuing with that theme, the Oklahoma City band played its album-release show a few weeks ago in an empty swimming pool at a historic Presbyterian church. Local crowds are partial to Tallows, too, as the band's lush, frenetic sounds have been triggering rousing singalongs and dancing masses at its live shows. Pulling from influences like Modest Mouse, American Football and Pinback, Tallows' songs blur the space between math rock and electronic rock. But if you're not ready to make a decision on Tallows just yet, that's okay. Jump in halfway — the water's fine. —Ryan LaCroix, KOSU's The Spy

This is Sample Size , our weekly new music feature with KOSU's Ryan LaCroix and LOOKatOKC pop music columnist Matt Carney. Today, we look at the new album from Oklahoma City band Tallows , a plan by Speedy Ortiz to make their concerts safer, and new music from Nick Diamonds . Follow Matt & Ryan on Twitter at @OKmattcarney and @KOSUryan .

Copyright 2015 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/. Transcript LINDA WERTHEIMER, HOST: If you're in the middle of a road trip this Labor Day weekend, turn up your radio. (SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC) WERTHEIMER: On today's Wingin' It, we have the final part of our road trip music series. Music historian Ashley Kahn tells us about his favorite song to drive to - "Loan Me A Dime" by Boz Scaggs, featuring Duane Allman. (SOUNDBITE OF SONG, "LOAN ME A DIME") BOZ SCAGGS: (Singing) Somebody loan me a...

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After starting out in the punk scene, Oklahoma singer-songwriter John Moreland decided it was best to start writing about himself. That attitude, and a new Americana sound, helped lend depth and honesty to his new album, High On Tulsa Heat . Moreland's World Cafe session is one of the most unexpectedly beautiful in a while.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an excellent profile of Tulsa musician John Moreland.

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This is Sample Size , our weekly new music feature with KOSU's Ryan LaCroix and LOOKatOKC pop music columnist Matt Carney. Today, we have a cross-country collaborative jam from Husbands , some new 'dream country' sounds from Widowspeak , and the throbbing techno of Nicolas Jaar . Follow Matt & Ryan on Twitter at @OKmattcarney and @KOSUryan .

Karen Dalton 's career was built on covering the songs of others. Patty Griffin writes songs that others famously cover. Both artists are considered masters of their respective crafts by their peers, but neither is a household name. Each has a voice that sounds like it couldn't possibly be made by the person making it. The latest bond between these two artists a generation apart is that Griffin is among a dozen women who have taken on a cache of unrecorded Karen Dalton songs, two decades...

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"Let's get heavy," Other Lives frontman Jesse Tabish jokes before launching into an explanation of the dichotomies behind the band's new album, Rituals . Conflating old and new styles, while also exploring the balance between humanity's primal nature and an isolating modern world, the Portland-via-Stillwater, Okla., band's densely layered songs still somehow seem light and airy. Rituals isn't the product of a group going through the motions, either: The group just pared itself down from five members to three (both Josh Onstott and Jonathon Mooney remained and relocated with Tabish), but this is Other Lives' most adventurous set of songs to date. To bring that rich sound to life, the band packed the small KEXP live room with all kinds of instruments — horns, strings, keys, drums, timpani, vibraphone, you name it — for a sensational in-studio performance.