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Headlines for Wednesday, June 10, 2015:

  • Despite budget increase, state prisons face major challenges. (NewsOK)

  • Collections to Oklahoma’s general revenue falls again. (Tulsa World)

  • Transportation officials are encouraging county commissioners statewide to speed-up road projects. (Stillwater News Press)

Headlines for Tuesday, June 9, 2015:

  • A major player in the State Senate steps down from his leadership roles amid controversy. (NewsOK)

  • The Corporation Commission looks over recommendations concerning a possible rate hike requested by OG&E. (Journal Record)

  • Tulsa County gives approval for assessment of Sheriff’s office after reserve deputy shooting. (Tulsa World)

Headlines for Monday, June 8, 2015:

  • Medical costs increasing at Oklahoma County Jail. (NewsOK)

  • OU Freshmen are required to take five-hour of diversity class. (Tulsa World)

  • Abortions in Oklahoma fall 19% since 2010. (AP)

Headlines for Friday, June 5, 2015:

  • The Environmental Protection Agency releases a study on fracking and drinking water. (NewsOK)

  • FEMA approves ten more counties for federal assistance. (KOCO)

  • Governor Fallin signs a bill dealing with police body camera videos. (Tulsa World)

Headlines for Thursday, June 4, 2015:

  • More evidence shows earthquakes caused by disposal wells. (Tulsa World)

  • Discussions from disasters related to hazardous materials, earthquakes and expansive soil. (Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise)

  • Revenue collections continue decline with low energy prices. (Tulsa World)

Members of the Sac and Fox tribe announced a campaign to bring the remains of athlete Jim Thorpe back to his home state of Oklahoma on Wednesday.

Thorpe was buried in 1953 in Pennsylvania after his widow reached a deal with a pair of boroughs to place his remains in a mausoleum there. The two Pennsylvania towns consolidated and renamed themselves Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.

Flickr / katsrcool

While the recent shootings of Michael Brown and Tamir Rice by police, and the shootings of Eric Harris and Nehemiah Fischer in Oklahoma, greater scrutiny has been given nationwide to how police interact with the public and when deadly force should be used.

The Washington Post reports on the death of Nehemiah Fischer of Tulsa, who was shot dead after shoving an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman to the ground during a flood rescue.

Headlines for Wednesday, June 3, 2015:

  • Storms during the month of May leave behind at least $150 million in damages. (Reuters)

  • Lawton is cancelling plans to move forward with cloud seeding, after the wettest month in history. (NewsOK)

  • Muskogee County continues to have flood related water issues. (Muskogee Phoenix)

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