Two Drives to Help Food Insecure

Oct 2, 2014

One out of six Oklahomans struggle with hunger every day.

KOSU's Danniel Parker reports two hunger drives are helping feed those who are struggling.

A Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma study says 650,000 people in the state don't have enough food, or know when or where they'll get their next meal.

Quinton Chandler / KOSU

Recent years of drought have led to a huge reduction in Oklahoma’s cattle population and record high prices. This year is no different.

Less rain means less grazing, a weaker wheat harvest, higher prices for grain, and on and on the costs go. But, the drought may also make it more difficult for Oklahoma farmers to lend a hand in the state’s fight against hunger.

KOSU’s Quinton Chandler reports less rain may mean fewer livestock donations to the Regional Food Bank.