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It’s no secret that poverty is a big problem in Oklahoma. Low-income neighborhoods gain reputations as “bad” parts of town because of gang violence and resulting disrepair. This reputation becomes a self-perpetuating truth because no one does anything to change it.

This week, Carless in OKC looks at how to break the cycle.

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Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Stillwater and other metro areas in Oklahoma are known for heavy auto traffic. But have you stopped to think exactly how much ground our population covers in their vehicles? It might surprise you.

This week’s Carless in OKC takes a look at the numbers.

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Cat calls, wolf whistles, inappropriate comments… all things women have to deal with when walking alone in the city.  On this week’s Carless in OKC segment, Elizabeth and John Tankard talk about street harassment.

JenX: The Amulet for Generation Z

Jun 24, 2014
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  This Week on Jen X, Jennifer James looks back on a difficult past and its unexpected outcomes through the lens of generational differences.

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