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Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters

The Trump White House has doubled down on its demand that a government spending bill include $1.4 billion for a wall on the US-Mexico border. 

But a determined group of US lawmakers is prepared to stand in the president's way.

The Trump administration is contemplating sending US reinforcements to try to stabilize Afghanistan. Defense Secretary James Mattis is visiting the capital, Kabul, to assess the situation.

However, Mattis can't meet with his Afghan counterpart, or the head of the Afghan military, as those guys quit Monday. Their resignations came after a military disaster last Friday, in which Afghanistan's army suffered its biggest loss of the war.

Insurgents overran a base near the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif and killed at least 100 soldiers.

Courtesy of "Almost Asian"

When I stumbled across Katie Malia’s YouTube series “Almost Asian,” I thought, "Oh my goodness, I have found my half-Japanese sister from another mister."

I watched every episode, back-to-back, laughing, even guffawing at times. The short scripted series follows the half-Japanese actress navigating show business in Los Angeles. In an industry where looks really matter, Malia finds herself floundering in a no-man’s land where she’s not quite Asian enough, or white enough.

Courtesy of the Goldman Environmental Prize

Rodrigo Tot is a 60-year-old farmer and an indigenous land rights activist from Guatemala. He represents an isolated, small Q’eqchi farming and fishing community of about 270 members in the long-running fight to secure legal ownership over their communal lands.

Tot and his community stood up to the government and nickel miners expanding into their land in Agua Caliente.

And now he's won one of the world's most prestigious activism awards, the Goldman Environmental Prize.

Max Nesterak

Armand Melk-Johnson gives me a tour of his host family’s home, a one-and-a-half story bungalow in Minneapolis.

He’s staying with his host mom Alicia and her two young kids, Mariel and Thomas.

Melk-Johnson is 15 and a ninth-grader at Minnehaha Academy, a private school in Minneapolis, that's doing something different. It’s running a program called City Stay, which offers students the chance to immerse in a new culture for one week. Currently, the program places students with Latino, Somali and Hmong host families.

Nadège Mazars/Hans Lucas

Fredy Flores wears his black cowboy hat slung low over his forehead. His eyes, barely visible beneath the rim, are only open a slit, which may be a reaction to the glaring sun and pulsing heat — but more likely it's because he’s angry. Flores is an artisanal miner in San Sebastian, a remote El Salvadoran town, and a law passed recently has banned his means of survival.

“Here there is no other source of work for all our families,” Flores says. “Here there is nothing.”

Edward Snowden was bigger than a rock star at his SXSW panel today

Apr 23, 2017

We haven’t heard from Edward Snowden in a while. The former NSA contractor does few interviews. But that changed in Austin, Texas, on Monday.

Snowden joined a panel moderated by the American Civil Liberties Union at the SXSW Interactive Festival. He appeared on a video screen near an image of the constitution — in a packed exhibition hall, the largest at SXSW. The festival also simulcast his talk in several other locations. The crowd welcomed him like a rock star.

Charles Platiau/Reuters

Thursday night, some media outlets were remarking on the triple symbolism of the Champs-Élysées attack.

The targets were the French police, the most emblematic avenue in France, and an election campaign hitting a nail-biting climax.

The attack occurred as all 11 candidates in this first round of the election were making their final live TV appearance.

The next day, campaign rallies were canceled and candidates chose to make solemn pronouncements as to how they would meet the Islamic terror challenge if they were to become president.

A key supplier of Syria's chemical weapons? North Korea.

Apr 21, 2017

The horrors of civil war in Syria have proved a blessing for North Korea.

The regime of Kim Jong-un has made a killing selling arms and ammunition to the regime of fellow dictator, Bashar al-Assad.

In South Korea, being gay is still taboo

Apr 21, 2017

A watchdog group that tracks cases of abuse inside the South Korean military says the army brass is carrying out a nationwide crackdown to identify and root out homosexual service members. 

Earlier this year, a video surfaced online of two male soldiers having sex. Military officials say they responded with a proper investigation into the incident.