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Tasting Notes is a show about wine and music pairing. Science has discovered that music affects both the way wine smells and tastes. While they're not quite sure why, we can have fun with it.

Artists heard on the show: Damien Jurado, Andrew Bird, Arcade Fire, Father John Misty, Stars & more

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We asked KOSU and Spy hosts to share songs they've been digging over the past month or so.

Below, you'll find music from Mitski, Julien Baker, BJ the Chicago Kid, Sound of Ceres, and more.

Mitski - "Your Best American Girl"

You've probably heard that a little booze a day is good for you. I've even said it at parties. "Look at the French," I've said gleefully over my own cup. "Wine all the time and they still live to be not a day younger than 82."

I'm sorry to say we're probably wrong. The evidence that alcohol has any benefit on longevity or heart health is thin, says Dr. Timothy Naimi, a physician and epidemiologist at Boston Medical Center.

An Upside To Climate Change? Better French Wine

Mar 21, 2016

While climate change threatens coastal cities and generates extreme weather, the effects of global warming could bring good news to some of France's most esteemed vineyards.

Here, the conditions needed to produce early-ripening fruit, which is historically associated with highly rated wines, have become more frequent, according to research published online Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

We asked 10 KOSU and Spy hosts to share the one song they've been digging over the past month or so. Below, you'll find new music from David Bowie, Future, Suede, Quilt, and more.

Suede - "Night Thoughts"

Clayton Bahr's Top 5 Albums of 2015

Dec 14, 2015

Tasting Notes host Clayton Bahr shares his five favorite albums of 2015:

5. Belle & Sebastian - Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance

A discofied version of Belle and Sebastian. What's not to love?

4. AM & Shawn Lee - Outlines

If you're in the habit of drinking wine with dinner, there may be a bonus beyond the enjoyment of sipping a glass at night.

A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine adds to the evidence that drinking a moderate amount of wine can be good for your health.

The evidence comes from a new two-year-long study on people with diabetes.

On an early spring day in 2012, a half-dozen FBI agents entered a house in the Los Angeles suburb of Arcadia. It belonged to an Indonesian named Rudy Kurniawan.

If, like me, you're an amateur taster of beer and wine, inevitably you've asked yourself why you don't taste that hint of raspberry or note of pine bark that someone else says is there.

Consumption of rosé wine is skyrocketing. U.S. imports of rosé from the Mediterranean region have grown in the double digits for the past 10 years running. This is good news for winemakers in the southern, Provence region of France, where many vintners used to make a few bottles of rosé only for themselves. Not anymore.

The Blanc brothers, Didier and Robert, are third-generation vintners near the town of Uzes, in southern France. The area is known for chirping cicadas, olive trees and chilled rosé wine in the summertime.