The Story: Music And The Internet

May 12, 2010


The Story focused on "Music And The Internet" today and brought on The Journal Record's Dave Rhea to talk about his rock and roll past.

Once upon a time, the music industry was the place where stars were made, and a lot of other people made a lot of money. Not any longer. Today on the program, two stories, two guys who once banked their future on the music biz ... and have now been forced to move on. 

Dave Rhea played bass in the band Vonray. His brush with fame included a lucrative record deal and music placement on a popular TV show. But the emergence of the Internet made the record company financial model unprofitable, and Dave's contract was dropped. But he has now made a new career out of the very thing he says killed his music - the Internet. Dave now works at a newspaper as a social media journalist.

Derek Tenbusch had a dream job in the music business. He worked in marketing for EMI. When he got laid off last year, he knew he had to make a complete career change - music industry jobs like his just don't exist anymore. Derek decided to try to make a living doing something else he loves: playing online poker.