Some School Plans On Hold During Oklahoma Budget Uncertainty

May 22, 2017

The state’s budget uncertainty is making it difficult for schools to plan for next year. The deadline for districts to discontinue a teacher’s contract has already passed.

Shawn Hime with the Oklahoma State School Board Association says, on the other hand, if a district needs to hire more people, they don’t want to wait too long.

"The scary part of that is, if I need three math teachers and two English teachers and I hold off waiting on the budget, then most likely the candidates that I would have had today, will not be available in the Summer or even three weeks from now."

Some big districts, like Tulsa Public Schools, have already pulled the trigger. The district recently chose to close two schools next year, and reduce their staff by 26 people.

Hime says he’s still hopeful lawmakers won’t cut school funding, or if they do, the cuts will be minimal.