A Race for Northern OK's House District 38

Aug 19, 2014

Retired Marine Corporal John Pfeifer (left) and retired educator Harold LeValley (right).

Facing no Democratic challengers, a couple of northern Oklahoma Republicans will face off to see who will be elected as a new state representative.

KOSU’s Michael Cross introduces us to the men who will replace outgoing term limited lawmakers, Dale DeWitt.

The large House District 38 includes mostly rural area with the biggest city, Blackwell, having under seven-thousand people.

In June’s primary, Retired Marine Corporal John Pfeifer came in first against retired educator Harold LeValley.

LeValley, a retired teacher and principal at Blackwell High School points to his life experience when wooing voters on the campaign trail.

“Like being in the education and knowing exactly what’s going on. I’ve been in farming all my life. Farm myself for several years and then family’s been in it too.”

Pfeifer also works the land, but it’s his time in the military he believes readies him to be a State Representative.

“Every day you had to get up and get something done and I think that’s something that’s sometimes lacking from our government’s process is that whole, ‘we have to get something done every day and make something better’.”

The runoff is set for August 26th with early voting next Thursday, Friday and Saturday.