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Tue December 3, 2013

Oklahoma Whovians See "Day of the Doctor..." and Share Some Insights

Credit Trillium Design / Flickr

Whovians young and old came together in Oklahoma City for the "Doctor Who" feature film “Day of the Doctor.”  When asked to choose a favorite incarnation of the Doctor, their answers were as varied as their age range.   

Oklahoma City moviegoers tell Nikole Robinson Carroll Who their favorite Who is at a screening of "Day of the Doctor."

New fans and devotees from the classic days of the series unite in their love of the Doctor, regardless of his form – but they don’t all agree on which of the Doctor’s companions they love most.  

Oklahoma City Whovians discuss the Doctor's companions at a screening of "Day of the Doctor."

Ask a group of Dr. Who fans which Doctor or Companion is their favorite and they will all give you a different answer.  Ask that same group of Whovians to do an impression of their favorite Doctor Who villain and the majority will give you the same response: EXTERMINATE!!!

The Time Lord’s arch nemesis, the Dalek, as portrayed by Oklahoma City moviegoers at a screening of “Day of the Doctor.” 
The BBC released the film "Day of the Doctor" to commemorate "Doctor Who’s" 50th anniversary. 

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