Oklahoma Lawmakers Become Teachers For A Day

Jan 25, 2017

Oklahoma City Public Schools administrators invited legislators and community leaders to "teach for a day." The district hoped lawmakers would have a better understanding of a teacher's responsibilities after spending a day in their shoes.

Oklahoma Senator David Holt spent part of his day reading with first graders at Quail Creek Elementary School. Other lawmakers and community leaders went to other schools in the district.

Holt says he knows quite a bit about the school because his kids go there, but on Tuesday, he learned a lot more.

"I think you're always reminded when you spend time in a classroom how much work it is to keep 20 seven-year-olds in check and doing something productive."

Holt is pushing for $10,000 teacher pay raises this year, and says this experience has only solidified his stance on that.

"(I'll) certainly use this experience to remind my colleagues how difficult this job is and how it needs to be valued, both in compensation and every other way we can think of."