OKC Metro State Senate Race Ends on Tuesday

Aug 21, 2014

Stephanie Bice (left) and Mark Thomas (right)

The race to fill an outgoing state Senator ends on Tuesday during the runoff.

KOSU’s Michael Cross reports two Oklahoma City metro area Republicans are running with no Democratic opponent.

Stephanie Bice of Edmond works as the Business Development Director at Smirk New Media in Oklahoma City

She says she’s been knocking doors in the new district redrawn in 2010 which includes parts of north Oklahoma City, Deer Creek, Piedmont and Yukon.

“So you really have a diverse demographic being represented. Everything from suburban America to urban to small town and even some rural and ag.”

Yukon homebuilder Mark Thomas is taking another approach at meeting Republicans.

Besides knocking doors he’s also going out to forums and debates of other candidates.

“It gives the voters the opportunity to look at you in the same room, in the same context as the other candidates. It gives them the ability to weigh you against the other candidates.”

Thomas has established experience in the Republican Party locally and statewide, but Bice considers herself more of a newcomer to politics.

The winner of Tuesday’s primary will replace outgoing Senator Rob Johnson.