New A-F School Grading System Heads to Governor's Desk

Apr 21, 2017

The Senate passed a measure on Thursday that will overhaul Oklahoma's A through F School Report Card system.

For years, educators have called Oklahoma's A through F school report card flawed and unfair. They say the focus on student test scores is a bad way to measure a school’s performance.

Under House Bill 1693, the newly proposed system will focus more on student academic growth from year to year.

The new plan continues to label schools with a single letter grade, which opponents say can give the public the wrong impression about a school.

But, the bill's co-author, Senator Gary Stanislawski, disagrees.

"What it is intended to do is rally the community to help support that school and make change."

The new approach will also provide additional info about each school–beyond just a letter grade—which is intended to give community members a more well-rounded picture of school achievement.

The new proposal now waits for the Governor’s approval.