NBA Uses Kevin Durant MVP Speech in Mother's Day Commercial

May 11, 2014

Kevin Durant's tribute to his mother during his emotional MVP speech last week has been turned into a commercial for the NBA, celebrating Mother's Day.

The national response to Durant's speech has been overwhelming, with Policy Mic calling it "something every man needs to watch".

At a time when the NBA is embroiled in controversies such as Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist and sexist remarks, Durant proved that young men in the league are capable of setting better examples than some of the guys holding the purse strings.  

Meanwhile, CNN Money is reporting the speech is already bringing in sponsors that want to identify their brands with him.

"Everyone is calling and saying that's the kind of guy we want to be affiliated with," said Michael Yormark, president & chief of branding and strategy for Roc Nation. "Today, he's America's favorite son, someone every mom and every dad can identify with."