Headlines: Shelby Not Guilty, Sunday Alcohol Sales & Mayfest is Coming

May 18, 2017

Headlines for Thursday, May 18, 2017:

  • Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby is acquitted in her manslaughter trial. (Tulsa World)

  • Democrats are getting a say in the budget. (Tulsa World)

  • State lawmakers are preparing to work over the weekend to finish work on the budget. (NewsOK)

  • Cigarette Tax and teacher raises stay alive in committee. (Tulsa World)

  • Another wind energy tax break could face the chopping block. (NewsOK)

  • A bill opening the way for alcohol sales on Sundays stands one vote away from the Governor’s desk. (Tulsa World)

  • Gov signs bill cracking down on protestors. (Journal Record)

  • Gov gets bill allowing audit of agencies. (NewsOK)

  • Lawmakers create a commission on opioid abuse. (NewsOK)

  • Energy industry remains a powerful force in Oklahoma. (Tulsa World)

  • An Osage County couple is getting help from the oil and gas industry to clean up old pollution. (Journal Record)

  • A former Oklahoma governor could replace former FBI Director James Comey. (Tulsa World)

  • OKC calls on developers to study new FEMA drainage plan. (Journal Record)

  • OKC gets first of 12 Houston-based Salata Restaurant. (Journal Record)

  • More severe weather on the horizon in Elk City as cleanup continues. (NewsOK)

  • T-Town gets ready for Mayfest. (Tulsa World)