Governor Vetoes Reading Retention Bill

May 20, 2014

Governor Fallin vetoes legislation which would have allowed parents and educators decide on whether to hold back a 3rd grader who can’t read.

KOSU’s Michael Cross reports the Governor felt it gutted her signature Reading Sufficiency Act passed a few years ago.

Governor Fallin announced the veto of House Bill 2625 on Tuesday saying a third grader not being able to read affects all Oklahomans.

“We’ll see it in our unemployment numbers. We’ll see it in our adults that are trying to hold down just a minimum wage job. We’ll see it in our prisons.”

The move upset groups like the Oklahoma Education Association.

Vice President Alicia Priest says she’s disappointed.

“This was a bipartisan agreement that was overwhelmingly supported in both houses. It was a solution that would help out our neediest students."

The OEA hopes to see an override of the veto which has already been promised by the author of the bill.

Lawmakers would have to move quickly as they hoped to be done with the legislative session by Friday.