Governor Candidate Announces Education Plan

Jul 10, 2014

Credit KWGS

Democratic candidate for governor Joe Dorman unveils his “Classrooms First” proposal for education in Oklahoma during an announcement in Tulsa Thursday.

He wants to use revenue from the state franchise tax for education funding.

"This will be set aside and earmarked completely for classroom funding. This will not go to salaries. It will not go to administrative costs. It will go to the tools needed by educators to educate those students to the level where they can achieve their highest potential.”

There was a moratorium on franchise tax collections from 2010 to 2013.

Dorman says using it now would increase per-pupil spending by about 50 dollars.

Quoting the Secretary of State, Dorman says businesses have called for a stronger education system in Oklahoma.

“Chris Benge himself stated that as he has gone around, visited with businesses they feel the top priority is to make sure that we have a well-educated workforce.”

Dorman’s plan caps education spending cuts at the percentage the entire state budget has fallen

It also allows local school boards a greater say in how their funds are spent.

More information on Dorman's "Classrooms First" plan can be found at