Garth Brooks On ‘Gunslinger’

Nov 29, 2016

Garth Brooks is bigger than big in the country music business, the whole music business. He is America's best-selling solo artist of any kind of all time. More diamond-selling albums than the Beatles. A big cowboy hat and albums like “No Fences” and “Fresh Horses,” but his deep inspiration was James Taylor. His new album is “Gunslinger,” but his politics have gone toward tolerance. And cowboys. This hour On Point, Garth Brooks. — Tom Ashbrook


Garth Brooks, country music icon and 2016 CMA Entertainer of the Year. Best-selling solo artist of all time. His newest album is “Gunslinger.” (@garthbrooks)

From Tom’s Reading List

Los Angeles Times: Garth Brooks' aim is off on the too-safe 'Gunslinger' -- "Surely, the machine wasn’t supposed to win. When Garth Brooks returned to record-making in 2014, the country superstar made it clear his decade away hadn’t dulled his famous nonconformist streak. 'Man Against Machine,' he called his big comeback album, and the record showcased a unique talent — radically sincere yet with an instinct for melodrama — still proudly resisting Nashville’s tendency to normalize."

Rolling Stone: Garth Brooks' Enthusiasm Cannot Save Flat 'Gunslinger' Material -- "Garth Brooks swung back into action two years ago with his first album in 13 years, Man Against Machine, like someone with something to prove. But on his 10th LP the country superstar sounds more like he's fulfilling obligations, striking a series of familiar and expected Garth-like poses. "

People: Garth Brooks Scores Entertainer of the Year Honor at the 2016 CMAs -- "He’s one of the highest selling artists in American history, and now the CMAs are paying their due. Garth Brooks was awarded with the 2016 entertainer of the year award after an emotional introduction from none other than country-turned-pop queen Taylor Swift."

One Call You Need To Hear: 'Garth And God Both Start With A G!'

Garth Brooks is a consummate professional, and his ability to interact with callers in a meaningful and genuine way is a true masterclass in human compassion. But he also is one funny guy, and his interaction with caller Jack from Ontario, Canada is worth a listen. (TL,DR, an angry attendee of Jack's amateur patio gig one evening demanded he play a Garth Brooks song, Jack didn't know any, and said attendee drained her beer and clocked Jack on the head for his ignorance.)