Freewheel Conversations: Wrap-Up

Jun 16, 2014

KOSU's OK Freewheel special correspondent Vicki Ehlers

It’s the Monday after a tiring but rewarding week for hundreds of bicyclists who participated in this year’s OK Freewheel journey across Oklahoma.  The final leg of the week-long adventure began Saturday in Tonkawa and ended in Caldwell, Kansas.

Our special correspondent during the past week, Vicki Ehlers, is back home in Stillwater after pedaling hundreds of miles last week from near the Red River to the Oklahoma/Kansas border as a first-time participant of Freewheel.  She joined KOSU’s Paula Brown after crossing the finish line.

That’s Vicki Ehlers visiting with KOSU’s Paula Brown after finishing OK Freewheel 2014.  To learn more about this annual event, visit  Special thanks to Vicki for sharing her time and experiences on the road less traveled.