Everybody Is Freaking Out To David Nance's New Dance Move, The 'Negative Boogie'

May 18, 2017

"There's no use for the human soul — it died for the digital age!"

"Negative Boogie," the title track from Omaha musician David Nance's new album is a stuttering rave-up, a mad dogpile of shredded Pere Ubu nerves and a little bit of Sonny Sharrock skronk-punk.

Nance upgraded his 4-track to a studio for the Negative Boogie sessions and it shows, with a wild array of instrumentation and production styles. This is spastic dance music for rock 'n' roll deviants, a jabbing pointer finger at the soullessness of the pixelated present, blown out and blown up like a basement tape.

Negative Boogie comes out July 14 via Ba Da Bing. David Nance goes on a U.S. tour starting July 19.

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