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Donald Trump is the keynote speaker at the annual Shale Insight conference in Pittsburgh this week, but the energy industry isn’t opening its wallets to the Republican nominee. In a typical they election they would, reports StateImpact Pennsylvania’s Susan Phillips: “So what’s going on here?”

Though the rate of earthquakes “has declined from its peak,” the 5.8-magnitude earthquake near Pawnee has made 2016 the most seismically active year on record “as measured by seismic energy release,” Oklahoma Geological Survey Director Jeremy Boak tells the Enid News‘ Sally Asher.

Justin Blackmon was one of the most gifted wide receivers in college football history. Then, after bouts with alcohol and the law, he disappeared from view. The Ringer visits his hometown of Ardmore to figure out where it all went wrong.

Highlighting food to eat, things to do, and places to stay in Oklahoma City, Vogue says "the city is experiencing a golden moment."

Nick Oxford / ProPublica

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down the "opt out" provision of the state's workers' compensation law, ruling it is an unconstitutional special law that gives employers the authority to single out injured workers for inequitable treatment.

The battle over the sale of Helmerich Park in Tulsa is mentioned in this Washington Post story on the privatization of parks across the nation.

Once the sale closes, Oaktree Capital Group LLC will release its claim on the cash distributions McClendon was entitled to receive from his approximately 20 percent stake in the Thunder.


A Republican senator is trying to relax the medical requirements for private pilots who fly small planes.

And that effort by Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma is drawing complaints from Democrats who say he's going back on a compromise that became law only two months ago.

Inhofe is an avid, 81-year-old pilot who's had a quadruple heart bypass. He's trying to eliminate a requirement that pilots have a statement from their doctor saying they don't have a medical condition that would interfere with their ability to safely operate a plane.

The state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a request for a hearing to contest the Oklahoma Tax Commission's denial of a personalized license plate with a reference to being a communist.

The Motor Vehicle Division of the commission denied ACLU of Oklahoma client Zakk Luttrell's request for the plate reading "COMMIE," claiming that it violated the non-offensive content policy.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

The brother of a man strangled to death while restrained by staff at the Caddo County Detention Center has filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit alleging jailers used excessive force and failed to provide adequate medical care.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court by Ancio Robinson, whose brother Darius Randell Robinson died on April 4 while being held at the jail located about 60 miles southwest of Oklahoma City.