Grace Gordon

Host of After Midnight

Grace Gordon has a passion for the Oklahoma music scene that runs as deep as marrow. In 2011, she began working with the Oklahoma Film + Music Office to bring The Buffalo Lounge – a unique Oklahoma music and film showcase – to SXSW.

She remained involved with the Buffalo Lounge for several years, and her growing expertise and relationships with local musicians that happened as a result of her work eventually led to a job as the new co-host of The Oklahoma Rock Show alongside Ryan LaCroix. Gordon joined The Oklahoma Rock Show in March of 2012, when it was hosted solely on In August of 2012, The Oklahoma Rock Show was integrated into the KOSU family in partnership with The Spy, along with a variety of other curated specialty shows.

Over the years, Gordon and LaCroix have lent their unflagging support to the local music scene, have exclusively premiered myriad albums by local musicians, and have interviewed bands like Colourmusic, Broncho, Skating Polly, and Horse Thief, as well as performers like Jabee, Tyson Meade, and Samantha Crain. Additionally, Gordon lent direct support to artists in Oklahoma City as the venue manager and booking agent of historic uptown venue, The Blue Note, for three years. She has also worked with local artists in a variety of capacities from managing assistance to album production.

In October 2017, Gordon also became the new overnight host of The Spy, with a show called “After Midnight with Grace Gordon” that runs every weeknight from midnight until 5am.

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Astrud Reed‎

Oklahoma musician Boyd Littell passed away on on Tuesday, October 31, following a bicycle accident in Portland, Oregon. He was 40.

Littell played in dozens of Oklahoma bands: ADDverse Effects, The Ills, Mama Sweet, Stereopimp, Scabby Itchins, Skinfonia, Pidgin, Thumpre, D-Lux Vortex, Conjunto Clave, The Method, The Projects, Blues Man/ Blues Devil, Tao Chemical, Tritones, Tincture, Blue Light Special, Lord High Octane & the Kam Shaft Kings, and several others.

Oklahoma musician Eric Harmon passed away on on Wednesday, October 4, following a short fight with cancer. He was 48.

Harmon played in dozens of Oklahoma bands: Moore-Peace-Harmony, Cousins, The Cant, Cinderbiscuits, Chainsaw Kittens, The Golden Eggs, Realistik, American Boyfriends, The Toothman, The Conflation Congregation, Chop Shop, Goblet, Dogpatch, 40 Minutes of Hell, Locust Avenue, and undoubtedly more.

Mark Elliott

Last week, we counted down the top 25 Oklahoma songs of 2016. In total, we played 398 new songs on The Oklahoma Rock Show in 2016, so our final list was extremely competitive.

Check out our picks below.

25. LTZ ft. Cookie Turner - "Hit Me On My RAZR"

Doug Schwarz

On the Oklahoma Rock Show, we comb through dozens of songs every week. They're country and folk, rock and punk, hip-hop and EDM, and everything in between. Below, you'll find 10 songs we've really been enjoying over the past month or so.

Annie Oakley - "Hey Honey Hey"

Last night, we counted down the top 25 Oklahoma songs of 2015. In total, we played 430 new songs on The Oklahoma Rock Show in 2015, so our final list was extremely competitive.

Check out our picks below.

25. Rachel Brashear - "Variations on a Theme"