Headlines for Wednesday, November 15, 2017:

  • A bill to force cuts to state agencies to fill a $215 million hole in the budget passes committees. (Tulsa World)

Tulsa will be tackling intergenerational poverty by focusing on the first years of a child's life.

Sophia Pappas was recently hired by the George Kaiser Family Foundation to head up implementation of the foundation’s Birth to Eight Strategy.

Headlines for Tuesday, November 14, 2017:

  • Legislative leaders plan to cut 49 state agencies to fix a $215 million budget hole. (NewsOK)

  • The State Department of Health is officially eliminating a fund for federally qualified health centers. (NewsOK)

Astrud Reed‎

Oklahoma musician Boyd Littell passed away on on Tuesday, October 31, following a bicycle accident in Portland, Oregon. He was 40.

Littell played in dozens of Oklahoma bands: ADDverse Effects, The Ills, Mama Sweet, Stereopimp, Scabby Itchins, Skinfonia, Pidgin, Thumpre, D-Lux Vortex, Conjunto Clave, The Method, The Projects, Blues Man/ Blues Devil, Tao Chemical, Tritones, Tincture, Blue Light Special, Lord High Octane & the Kam Shaft Kings, and several others.

Emily Wendler / KOSU

The wind blows strong and steady in Calumet, a small town about 40 miles west of Oklahoma City.

It’s the wind that’s prompted companies to build turbines here. A natural gas company also built a plant nearby.

In northeastern Oklahoma, Google built a large data center in Pryor. And the city of Cushing is flanked by fields of large steel tanks that hold millions of barrels of oil.

These industries bring in abundant property tax revenue for nearby schools — enough that 37 districts don’t receive any funding from the state.

Headlines for Monday, November 13, 2017:

  • The clock is ticking on a special session which could last till Christmas. (Journal Record)

  • State health officials used federal funds to pay for other programs. (NewsOK

Headlines for Friday, November 10. 2017:

  • A cut to Medicaid rates could close a third of the state’s nursing homes. (Journal Record)

  • The ACLU of Oklahoma threatens a lawsuit over budget cuts. (Tulsa World)

This Week in Oklahoma Politics, KOSU's Michael Cross talks with Republican Political Consultant Neva Hill about the failure by the State House to pass a measure to increase taxes on cigarettes, gas, low-pont beer and oil and gas wells to help fix a $215M shortfall in the budget, the State Health Department says it can't make payroll at the end of the month without a supplemental appropriation from the legislature and a national credit rating agency warns Oklahoma could drop in its credit rating because of a failure to fix the budget.

Headlines for Thursday, November 9, 2017:

  • The State House fails to get enough votes to pass a bill to fix the shortfall in the budget. (NewsOK)

  • Future uncertain for special session. (Tulsa World)

Joe Wertz / StateImpact Oklahoma

There was a lot of hope pinned on Wednesday's vote in the Oklahoma House.

For seven weeks, lawmakers have argued over how to fill a $215 million dollar budget hole. But a vote on a bill touted as a “grand bargain” failed.

Lawmakers have largely agreed to increase taxes on beer, tobacco and fuel. The biggest sticking point throughout the special session has been whether to raise taxes on oil and natural gas production.