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JenX with Jennifer James
8:50 am
Tue June 30, 2015

Oklahoma's Racist Past Reflected in its Present


The history of racism and violence against black people in Oklahoma goes back decades and lies just beneath the surface of the red dirt soil.

Jennifer James brings us her thoughts in this week’s Jen-X.

Jennifer James is a public relations professional. You can follow her blog at

The Two-Way
3:54 pm
Mon June 29, 2015

NBCUniversal Is Cutting Ties With Donald Trump

NBCUniversal announced that it is cutting ties with Donald Trump after comments he made about immigrants.
Jim Cole AP

Originally published on Mon June 29, 2015 4:56 pm

Updated at 3:45 p.m. ET

NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Donald Trump following comments Trump made about Mexican immigrants. Trump's controversial remarks came as he was announcing his bid for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

NBC said in a statement that:

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JenX with Jennifer Dennis-Smith
8:50 am
Tue June 23, 2015

Honoring Those Who Stand in for Absentee Fathers

Generation Xers from broken homes might have difficulty celebrating Fathers’ Day especially if their dads weren’t around much while they were growing up.

But, in this week’s Jen X, Jennifer Dennis-Smith says maybe those with absentee dads just need to look to their mothers to see who should be celebrated.

Jennifer works as a freelance public relations professional. You can reach her on Twitter @JenniferDS_APR.

The Salt
5:38 am
Sun June 14, 2015

Nocturnal Nosh: Americans Get A Taste Of Night Markets

Potato swirls at 626 Night Market in Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, Calif.
Brian Fung Courtesy of 626 Night Market

Originally published on Tue June 16, 2015 1:24 pm

Many American towns put the "Closed" sign up by 6 p.m. But night markets are drawing people out in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Virginia, with food, art and music from the local community.

The model for the nocturnal markets is the Asian night market, where people eat, shop and socialize and tourists discover delicacies like live scorpions and roasted sea horse until the wee hours of the morning.

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DeadCenter Film Festival
12:14 pm
Fri June 12, 2015

Oklahoma Musician Goes on Journey to Find "Oklahoma's Favorite Son" Will Rogers

Credit Matt Goad

The 15th annual deadCENTER Film Festival kicked off yesterday and lasts through Sunday. One film making its world premiere at deadCENTER.

That’s the sound from the cabin of an airplane descending into Barrow, Alaska. On board are two Oklahoma filmmakers—Beau Jennings and Bradley Beesley—heading to shoot footage for a documentary that retraces the footsteps of “Oklahoma's Favorite Son” Will Rogers.

Two Oklahomans, that is, flying into Alaska to shoot a scene on the fateful 1935 plane crash of two other Okies—Will Rogers and Wiley Post.

"We made a number of jokes about a couple of Okies flying back to Barrow, Alaska and wondered how smart we were to do so."

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deadCENTER Film Festival
8:30 am
Thu June 11, 2015

deadCENTER Opening Night Films Focus on Culture Clashes, Marijuana & Pro Wrestling

The 15th edition of the deadCENTER Film Festival kicks off today, highlighting dozens of independent films —ranging from comedies, dramas, documentaries and short films— from Oklahoma and around the world.

For screening times and to purchase festival passes, visit

Arts & Culture
9:55 am
Mon June 8, 2015

Drought-Friendly Recipes Kick Up The Flavor — And Cut Back On Water

This Alaskan cod taco with pickled radish salsa is one of several drought-friendly recipes that chef Nathan Lyon and his culinary manager, Sarah Forman, have cooked up.
Courtesy of Sarah Forman

Originally published on Mon June 8, 2015 4:02 pm

When television chef Nathan Lyon read about California's worsening drought earlier this year, he started thinking about the amount of water it takes to grow the food in recipes he creates.

That's when he and his girlfriend and culinary manager, Sarah Forman, decided to develop what they call "drought-friendly recipes."

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JenX with Jennifer Martin
11:31 am
Wed June 3, 2015

Dealing with the Rain

The recent rains in Oklahoma bring mixed feelings for some.

While the ongoing onslaught of torrential downpours can be depressing, Jennifer Martin recognizes how equally refreshing the rain can be in this week’s Jen X.

Jennifer was a museum professional before kids. Now she spends her time as a mother and active Girl Scout volunteer.

2:33 pm
Thu May 28, 2015

For Kristin Chenoweth and Kelli O’Hara, a Fearsome Fairy Godmother

The New York Times recently featured a profile of former Oklahoma City University theatre professor Florence Birdwell. Her students are in the profession by the dozens, including Kristin Chenoweth and Kelli O'Hara.
When it was her turn to sing at Florence Birdwell's master class for former students in Midtown Manhattan the other day, Heather Botts, a delicate blonde with a beautiful voice, announced that she would be performing " Another Life," from the musical "The Bridges of Madison County." "Terrible show!" barked Mrs.
Arts & Culture
6:11 pm
Tue May 26, 2015

How Dorothea Lange Taught Us To See Hunger And Humanity

Carrot pullers from Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Mexico. "We come from all states and we can't make a dollar in this field noways. [sic] Working from seven in the morning until twelve noon, we earn an average of thirty-five cents." California, February 1937
Dorothea Lange Library of Congress

Documentary photographer Dorothea Lange had a favorite saying: "A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera."

And perhaps no one did more to reveal the human toll of the Great Depression than Lange, who was born on this day in 1895. Her photographs gave us an unflinching — but also deeply humanizing — look at the struggles of displaced farmers, migrant laborers, sharecroppers and others at the bottom of the American farm economy as it reeled through the 1930s.

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