Local News
1:00 pm
Wed July 8, 2015

Oklahoma City Homeless Numbers Decline

Credit homelessalliance.org

Oklahoma City is seeing another reduction in its homeless population, following a survey by The Homeless Alliance.

Executive Director Dan Straughan breaks down the numbers for us in this interview.

If you would like to help, you can can contact the Homeless Alliance at (405) 415-8410 or at HomelessAlliance.org.

The Two-Way
12:35 pm
Wed July 8, 2015

Federal Court Rules Against Redskins In Legal Battle With Native Americans

A Washington Redskins football helmet lies on the field during NFL football minicamp.
Nick Wass / AP

A federal court has ruled against Washington, D.C.'s, professional football team in a legal battle with Native Americans over the team's name.

United States District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee ruled that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office should cancel the team's trademark of the Redskins name because the name "may disparage" Native Americans.

This order does not go into effect until the team has exhausted its appeals. The next step for the team would be the United States Supreme Court.

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10:32 am
Wed July 8, 2015

Concerns Raised Over Testing and Grade-Appropriate Standards at Education Town Hall

The Oklahoma State Department of Education held a town hall meeting Tuesday night—and invited the public to comment on the newly proposed state academic standards.

The new academic framework has been crafted to replace the Common Core standards that Gov. Mary Fallin repealed last year. Educators gave short presentations—then opened the floor up for questions and comments.

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8:14 am
Wed July 8, 2015

Headlines: Ten Commandments Staying, Stillwater Drilling & Healthy Convenience Stores

Headlines for Wednesday, June 8, 2015:

  • Governor Fallin says there are no plans to move the Ten Commandments monument at the Capitol. (Tulsa World)

  • Oklahoma’s hundreds of boards and commission could face anti-trust lawsuits. (NewsOK)

  • First draft of state school standards released to the public. (Tulsa World)

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7:36 am
Wed July 8, 2015

House And Senate Lawmakers Work To Revise No Child Left Behind Law

Originally published on Wed July 8, 2015 6:21 pm

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This week, lawmakers in the House and Senate are working to rewrite No Child Left Behind. That's George W. Bush's signature education law that was passed in 2001. NPR's Juana Summers covers Congress and joins us with the latest. Hey, Juana.

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All Tech Considered
3:36 am
Wed July 8, 2015

Amid New Overtime Rules, More Employers Might Set Email Curfew

New federal rules could expand the number of employees eligible for overtime. That may lead more companies to curtail the use of work email after hours.
Skopein Getty Images/Ikon Images

Originally published on Tue July 21, 2015 3:20 pm

The buzzing phone or ding of an email from the bedside table might be standard these days. But a long-awaited proposal that would increase the number of employees eligible for overtime pay could mean more companies curtailing the use of work email after hours.

When Nicholas Castillo was hired as a bank branch manager several years ago, he was told his $30,000 salary came with expectations.

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Academic Standards
5:13 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

Your Chance to Review New Academic Standards

After months of development, the Oklahoma State Department of Education has released drafts of new proposed education standards

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Local News
3:21 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

Fallin: Ten Commandments to Remain Up During GOP-led Fight

Ryan LaCroix / KOSU

Gov. Mary Fallin says the Ten Commandments monument will remain on the Capitol grounds while legislators and the state's attorney general fight an order from Oklahoma's highest court to have it removed.

Fallin released a statement Tuesday saying the monument won't be moved while Attorney General Scott Pruitt seeks a rehearing on the case and legislators seek to repeal an amendment to the state constitution.

The Oklahoma Legislature won't be back in session until February, and any amendment to the constitution would have to be submitted to a vote of the people.

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The Two-Way
10:57 am
Tue July 7, 2015

In Final Vote, South Carolina Senate Moves To Take Down Confederate Flag

Confederate flag supporters gather at the South Carolina Statehouse in Columbia; the state's Senate voted Tuesday to take down the flag. The issue will now head to the House.
Sean Rayford Getty Images

Originally published on Tue July 7, 2015 11:30 am

In a required third vote, South Carolina's state senators voted to remove the Confederate battle flag from its prominent place flying on the Statehouse grounds. The final tally was 36-3. The House will now take up the issue, perhaps as early as Wednesday.

In both the Senate and the House, a vote on removing the flag will require a two-thirds majority. The bill under consideration would move the flag to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum.

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JenX with Jennifer Martin
8:50 am
Tue July 7, 2015

Dressing for the Right Occasion

There was a time when a dress code actually meant something, and individuals regulated themselves to make sure they were dressed properly for certain events.

But, as Jennifer Martin reflects in this week’s Jen-X, that seems to be waning.

Jennifer was a museum professional before kids. Now she spends her time as a mother and active Girl Scout volunteer.