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Oklahoma Legislature Considers Anti-Abortion Laws

Filed by KOSU News in Feature, Health, Local News, Politics.
February 16, 2012

In three states so far, the “personhood” movement has put the question to the voters: ‘Does life begin at conception?’ All three times, the measure has failed. In Oklahoma, there’s two different proposals in the House and Senate that deal with when life begins.

By a vote of 34-8 on Wednesday, the Oklahoma state Senate passed a bill declaring that life begins at conception. It gives fetuses and embryos all the “rights, privileges, and immunities” that every other state resident has. Senator Brian Crain (R-Tulsa) says the bill will not restrict stem cell therapy, or make birth control illegal. The Oklahoma State Medical Association is opposed to the legislation, saying it would have unintended consequences. The House has yet to take action on the bill.

A separate bill in the Oklahoma House, sponsored by Representative Mike Reynolds (R-Oklahoma City), would put to voters an amendment to the state’s Constitution that would define life as the moment “biological development” begins. It would outlaw abortion, birth control, and in vitro fertilization that resulted in fertilized cells dying. It would not provide any exception in the case of rape or incest. That bill is awaiting action in the House. Critics of the personhood movement say it doesn’t stop abortions, but only increases the access and quality of care.

We want to know what you think. Should embryos and fetuses be guaranteed a right to life? Comment below, and we’ll read some of the thoughts on air.

8 Responses to “Oklahoma Legislature Considers Anti-Abortion Laws”

  1. female and scared says:

    Any Oklahoma lawmaker who backs this needs to be removed from office immediately for circumventing Federal law. Didn't they swear to uphold our Constitution?

    A zigote, according to this bill, has the same protection of the woman "housing" the zigote. Any miscarriage can be construed as murder. Any doctor performing any medical procedure to help the mother could be held for endangering the fetus.

    Oklahoma Medical community is against this!

  2. Mike from Edmond says:

    Again Oklahoma shows it is a very backward place to be with no signs of crawling out of the dark ages.
    Oklahoma's new law-not voted on by the public, because it would never pass- by our Senate is archaic and just plain dumb for the future of Oklahoma.
    Businesses will not want to move here because of it. People will not look for jobs here in Oklahoma because of this law.
    Sen Brian Crain needs to be aborted from the Senate with the next vote.

  3. Ty H. says:

    It amazes me how the vast majority of Right-to-Lifers are people not of a child-bearing age! Just like many proposed laws across the nation, this one has no real chance of passing but is being proposed simply to make headlines and cater to the far right voting bloc.

  4. Lisa B says:

    I am not far right or left, but a baby is a baby and people who have abortions exterminate a life…that is called killing…that is called murder.

    • Johnhain says:

      Sorry, but a fetus isn't a living baby until it is born. It is totally dependent on the mother. Please give up the idea that every embryo must be protected at any cost, unless of course you are a fetal rights attorney and encorporated, in which case you would have almost infinite business and personal protection to boot.

      • Brenda says:

        Understand that if the fetus or whatever you want to call it has a heart beat it is alive in the womb. It doesn't matter what you call the cell growing inside the woman, she needs to know that if the heart is beating and can be heard, it is a living human being.

    • Mike says:

      One problem with assigning personhood to a cell cluster–and let's be clear, a zygote is simply a fertilized egg, 1 cell–is that it puts fertilization treatment in jeopardy of criminalization. For example, a doctor will implant multiple test-tube-fertilized zygotes in the womb in hopes that 1 or 2 will implant. Often, numerous zygotes are rejected. But sometimes a number will implant. Later, doctors sometimes remove some of the implanted cells to give one the best chance of growing into a fetus. This is often necessary for couples who otherwise can't conceive. This would be criminal under this statute. You would assign the label "murderer" to the doctor and couple who just want a child.

  5. Guest says:

    1. We are confusing cells with people. SERIOUSLY?! Did ANYONE go to biology class?! A collection of cells is NOT a baby – it has the potential to become one. It is not one. You cannot make that logical jump in ANY universe – you are an emotion-junkie, NOT a thinking person when you make claims like that.
    2. I am so sick of legislators trying to control morality. These are difficult decisions for people to make. Will some of them make bad decisions? (i.e. aborting out of convenience or making meth out of decongestants) YES! But in the end, the ONLY people that get hurt by this type of inane INVASIVE legislation are the majority of people who just want to live their lives the best way they know how.
    3. The legislators are just wasting time and taxpayer money to win votes. These aren't laws they need to be involved with.

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